Tracks and creating new content

Tracks and creating new content

Postby CryHam » 07 Jun 2014, 14:45

This is the forum where you can post your own made tracks, or new objects for game, or any other content and discuss them.
How to add new stuff to Stunt Rally is described in our wiki under Extending.

First, probably easiest, most fun, and also most welcome, is making new tracks.
If you want to create some, be sure you have seen the wiki TrackEditor.
I recommend watching all video chapters if you never used our editor, even if they are somewhat outdated.
From my experience I need about 1 hour editing per 1 km of track. So shortest track can be made in 1h, but long rally or big stunt tracks can easily take even 8h of editing and testing.

If you want your track included in next ver, read and follow these remarks also read this post about my track rating.
I don't post on forum when I created a new track myself, so to keep informed, see Changelog and tracks repo commits for new names.

If you want some custom textures for your tracks e.g. for terrain, vegetation, road, sky, etc. check the wiki Materials.
It tells what to put where and what to edit, also since ver 2.3 everything new has to be added to presets.xml so it can appear in editor.

Objects (static meshes or dynamic) have their own wiki page: CreateObjects.
Check it to know how to export them from Blender to Ogre and into game.

Lastly, the biggest task, is creating cars. Much easier is dealing with ready blender models, and editing them for game, more here: CarModeling.
The list of accepted and planned cars is here.
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