Common remarks for new tracks

Common remarks for new tracks

Postby CryHam » 28 Oct 2013, 16:37

To put this in 1 place, and not to duplicate in each track's topic,
here are some remarks:

Track Naming
When you create a new track, forum topic should be so:
Jng-SomeName (track)
The first letter is from scenery, see in other tracks.
We use big letters in each word, shortcuts like Mntn or Mt (for mountain), etc are welcome, since
track names need to be rather short - max. 12 letters long.
If I include a track in next version of game, I'll push it to master and topic will have eg. this [in 2.2] at end. Also at begin scenery letter and current counter for it (eg. Des16- if last desert track was Des15-) and I'll remove (track).
If I don't include, then topic name stays as before.
If you create a very original track, don't be afraid to name it also originally (usually 1 word then). Eg.: Apocalypse, Eden, IceAge, Spider, etc.
Names like CurlyPipes, LongJumps (and other saying the kind of road) are rather for last, when no other cool name can be found.
Also it's best not to use name parts like Jungle, Rally, Road, Canyon, etc. But Stunt, Pipe and Jump are ok for such tracks (easier to find).

OK, first thing: Terrain. Yes, terrain :?.
Well, if anybody wants to have his track in next ver, you need to deal with terrain (and everything else too :think:).
Terrain is like a canvas, you need to paint each place of it, with different brushes. Also keeping to some style.
I know it takes a lot of time. But you can't simply generate (or use flat) terrain, make some road and that's it.
The more time you put into finishing track (this is after having a drivable road), the better quality, more chances of having it in next ver, and (ugh yeah) less of my time needed to fix it if it's close to being good.
This is just a next thing you do in each track (if road is on terrain). Make corners banked a bit, or make them smooth, fix stuff, remove terrain bits from inside bridges and generally make terrain fit the road, or just decorate terrain so the road and terrain fit (and have some unique character), so you have the impression that road was made in terrain (more like in real world).
Basically if you want to make a great track, you need to know how to edit all of track parts (terrain, layers, grasses, vegetation, etc).

Other issue, on 1 or 2 tracks I've seen bad camber, bad camber everywhere... :x
This means terrain banking below road (would be roll angle for bridges) is opposite.
Generally corners should have inside part lower and outside part higher. This way it helps to turn and allows to drive faster.
Surely you can make just flat corners (aren't fast but they're ok).
But if you make it opposite way (outside is lower) you simply want to annoy the driver in this corner, many people will fall out there.
You can put 1 such corner on track if you want some diversity but not many.

I'll probably put more stuff here, or best make some new chapter if I find some time.
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