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Fully FOSS version (data licensing)?

PostPosted: 06 May 2016, 09:51
by Julius
So a while ago we had this discussion about data-licensing, which sadly isn't fully FOSS compatible so far (some CC-by-NC etc.):


But a large majority would have preferred a fully FOSS version (kind of a given on this forum ;) ).

So I guess if someone would make a new fork, this would be one of the things to "fix".

To my knowledge, right now, (and I'm not sure about some), things that have weird licenses are:

5 VDrift cars (3S, 360, CT, M3, TC6) actually quite few to throw out (360 and CT can be replaced but that needs work).
4 VDrift tracks (nobody will miss), actually Vdr3-dirt3 is from Torcs so I guess maybe 3.
All car sounds (basically just 2), except electric (UV,BV).
All skies, have a clause to not be sold, I'm assuming here CC-BY-SA-NC. Not even imaginable for me to replace them with anything.
OGRE trees (IIRC: 2 trees, 1 grass, 2 ferns, 1 palm) with clause to be used only with Ogre. Could be replaced without much trouble.
Super Racing cars (S1,N1) and many wheels, IDK which license, asked and didn't get reply, I'm assuming MIT like the project (might be wrong).

Here in this thread we can collect resources for replacing the non-Free ones.

Re: Fully FOSS version (data licensing)?

PostPosted: 06 May 2016, 10:03
by Julius
One of the main problems seems to be the high resolution sky textures (currently NC licensed).

Some quick info. The older skies were about 8000 resolution (for 360 deg. view), the new ones were about 12-16000, which downscaled to 4096 is purely awesome.
Having a skybox with 1024 cubemap, gives about 4x so 4096 already, and without downscaling. And those would have to have no scenery just sky (which fails in all humus pictures).

It is indeed a bit difficult to find non-NC creative commons 360° sky images of sufficiently high resolution. Typically they are used for HDR imaging.

However here seems to be a nice "free", meaning CC-by, of which at least the first three seem suitable for making a game skybox:

The resolution is 16384 x 8192, so at least as good as what is currently included in SR.

Edit: Here are some others under CC0, but I am not quite sure about the resolution of the ones further down: (full resolution 29184 x 14592 seems to be available on request according to the FAQ).

For converting in six skybox images one can probably use this Blender script (not tried myself): ... -Converter

(In case you wonder: due to large file sizes I can not work on this myself for the foreseeable future as my Internet connection here is severely volume limited :( My current computer is also a bit slow for running SR.)

Re: Fully FOSS version (data licensing)?

PostPosted: 06 May 2016, 21:33
by eugeneloza
Seems that OpenGameArt also offers a good choice of decent skyboxes
(there are several high-quality cc-by licensed packs consisting of many skyboxes)

Re: Fully FOSS version (data licensing)?

PostPosted: 08 May 2016, 12:35
by Julius
Yeah I guess a fork would not need to follow the original developer's very high quality standards in this regard. But I sort of agree that in the age of 4k screens, a skybox should be as high quality as possible.

For the space maps, this could be used to make really high resolution ones.

Re: Fully FOSS version (data licensing)?

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2018, 14:26
by Wuzzy
Are the original authors of the files known?
Have they been contacted yet? If we're lucky, they might just grant us permission to re-use this stuff under a libre license, given that this project will benefit from it. Especially for skyboxes.

What's the problem with VDrift stuff? What's the license / where can I find it?
Again, we might just be lucky here with asking for permission.

Anyway, I think the VDrift tracks can be deleted safely anyway (if they haven't already). Only Vdr3-dirt3 is good quality-wise, but it's not a problem if this track has to go as well.

Obviously, the hardest challenge will be the skyboxes, this will be the most important thing for a fully libre version of SR.
Finding replacements for the car sounds shouldn't be too hard.

Throwing out the cars will hurt a lot and is probably not feasible anyway since many challenges depend on particular cars. So finding replacements here will also be a challenge.

All the other stuff might be “sacrificed” if no replacements can be found. It will still hurt, but the game will still be playable.