About - features, changelog, roadmap, tasks

About - features, changelog, roadmap, tasks

Postby CryHam » 26 Nov 2012, 22:16

This is where we can post feature requests and new ideas for game or editor, and discuss them.

Help is welcome (programmers, testers, artists, translators, etc), if you'd like to contribute please read Contributing.

List of done SR 3.x features is in SR3 Features and old SR 2.x features here.
What is already done (new), and will be released in next version is on top of SR3 docs page: Changelog.

Before submitting an idea or feature you should look at Tasks ToDo.
And possibly other posts here. It's very likely that it is already planned (or was discussed and won't be).

Tasks ToDo list needs sorting by P (priority) first, where 1 is the highest.
It also shows what I'm planing to do or doing, with more description.

The Roadmap page lists what is planed to be in next releases. It is updated frequently, but has items with less info.
I'm mostly alone developing the game, and I have my vision of it, so I'm developing according to my plans.
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