How to help yourself - Read before posting

How to help yourself - Read before posting

Postby CryHam » 26 Nov 2012, 19:15

This is the subforum where you can report Bugs, or ask for Help.

Before you ask for HELP, you should be familiar with our Wiki (many things are described already there).
Some helpful Wiki pages are: FAQ, Running, Troubleshooting, Track Editor, Multiplayer

When reporting a BUG (like a crash or problem in game or editor)

* include logs,
see here how to find them: Paths
attach them in post, preferably all (ogre.log, log.txt are crucial)

* tell which system you have, and which game version

* provide us with as much info on what happened as possible
if you can replicate it, write how to do it

* be sure that you meet the minimal hardware requirements

* read the section What we will ask from you and best answer those questions already in post
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