Bugs with overwriting road surfaces

Bugs with overwriting road surfaces

Postby rubberduck » 26 Oct 2023, 12:47

In the progress making the current track I found a few issues with overwriting road surfaces, mainly the first one
1: when I want to overwrite the surface type, after disabling the 1 surface option, it doesn't save the surface on the first time, I need to select it, then select something other, so that it save a change.

2: (Not a real issue, but an idea ) I think it would also be cool to able to reset a value for a single road to it default values.
3: if a road has roadAsphalt by default, the selection is empty
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4: And when I select pipes it automatically snaps to the first road material, meaning I am unable to change the surface material of pipes
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Re: Bugs with overwriting road surfaces

Postby CryHam » 26 Oct 2023, 17:35

I will need to fix this somehow.
It is like the one combo on Gui that is not working. No idea why.
But I figured out some time ago, that to set surface I needed to click in combo (without using its dropdown list) and just use mouse wheel to choose, then it seems to save itself.
4. Yes, I think pipe material was always set so, it never had separate surface.

This whole tab needs some rework.
And I planned to just store surface details from it, in presets.xml and just use that automatically. Allow changing only if needed.
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