Playing on Debian 10, sources, drivers etc.

Playing on Debian 10, sources, drivers etc.

Postby CryHam » 10 Oct 2019, 09:48

Hi. Just wanted to share some info.
I'm on Debian 10 (buster) 64bit now and playing SR. I had some issues:

- Firstly (this failed) I downloaded our archive, unpacked and started. It didn't work, crashed at start with:
{l Code}: {l Select All Code}
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid

Complaining about locale 'C' not found, I found a similar issue here. But advice from it didn't help. IDK why. We have a line in sources to set locale to C to have always dot as decimal separator (and not comma for some OS locales).

- So next (and this worked) I followed the building from sources wiki.
Which got sources, installed dependencies and finally build project.
Game works fine. :cool:
A NOTE here: cmake by default builds: "Release with debug info" configuration. This results in big executables, 200MB for stuntrally and 100MB for sr-editor :shock:.
But some tracks (e.g. Industrial) have like half the FPS (e.g. 25 instead of 50). Our profiler says time is spent in physics, so probably that extra debug code is slowing down.

- GPU Drivers. ;) I have to mention them here now. I still have GeForce GTX 560 Ti (my old GPU).
The default "nouveau drivers" (present with Debian after installing it) worked. But playing SR with nouveau drivers felt like having an old laptop not my GPU (only test tracks felt okay, and still low FPS).
So naturally I went for installing NVidia drivers. First I nearly crashed my Debian install and messed it up with some long instruction with many command lines. :x
What actually worked here was just installing with apt the package nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver. My old GPU needed it, not the newer one. I first installed and run nvidia-detect which told me exactly that.

- Lastly I built the Release version of SR. It's possible to do using: cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
This way binaries are 6MB for sr and 4MB for editor. It helped with the half FPS issue. FPS on tracks seems just like on my old Windows 7 with NVidia drivers. But that stupid bug with crash freezing PC with 1 color screen happens too. I'll make another topic for it.
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Re: Playing on Debian 10, sources, drivers etc.

Postby Wuzzy » 24 Oct 2019, 01:50

I'm afraid I can't really help you but I had bad experience with NVIDIA driver on Linux as well. Every time I want to update it, something goes wrong … Either the install outright fails or some programs go a little bonkers. Usually a re-install fixes it again but in my experience it's a little bit like a game of chance. Not very reliable.

NVIDIA and Linux don't seem to go well in my experience, and it's proprietary, too. Remember Linus' famous middle finger to NVIDIA? There was a reason for that.

I should have booted out my old NVIDIA card years ago, actually, but I'm now mostly using a different (non-NVIDIA) computer anyway …
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