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Status Effect Names and Meanings

PostPosted: 23 Mar 2017, 14:06
by monkeytor

I've just started playing and am quite enjoying myself. It takes me a bit back to my SNES JRPG gaming-childhood. I just defeated the Harlekuin and noticed what looked like a lot of status effects going on with characters that I wasn't really sure about, and I cant seem to find an explanation of them. I imagine they're all pretty standard but it's tough to tell what things are exactly, what with them most being communicated by small icons. Are these status effects and their symbols documented anywhere?


Re: Status Effect Names and Meanings

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2017, 12:19
by GunChleoc
There is a WIP offline manual in current master: ... /index.htm

You will have to grab the repository and look at it offline.