What's on the cards ?

What's on the cards ?

Postby shirish » 06 Nov 2013, 15:50

Dear Yohann,
any idea how much time will be taken for the next release ? Could you give any estimate if we could have something releasable come this Christmas or what ?

The timestamp on the last git update is/was 1st Nov. there hasn't been any updates since.

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~/games/valyriatear$ git log
commit 386a72ddf494556d74ad88f7a0c2eed05cf2574f
Author: Yohann Ferreira <yohann.ferreira@orange.fr>
Date:   Fri Nov 1 03:20:23 2013 +0100

   Added the WIP Shrine tileset.

Looking forward to know more.
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Re: What's on the cards ?

Postby Bertram » 06 Nov 2013, 21:58

Hi shirish,

I cannot estimate anything long term as I am alone on scripting and we are only two for the story/mapping/game design.

Yet, let's say ~40% of the next dungeon is done on paper. And the latest commits are from some minutes ago. ;)

Don't forget I'm also on compiling OD even if I'm less on it than I actually should but it will come.

Here is all I can say so far. Time will tell more.

Best regards,
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