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Postby Bertram » 16 Aug 2013, 12:56

Hi BioHazardX, :)

So, will the 0.6 version include the first full episode?

Unfortunately, not. But it will include the next part of the story up to the first dungeon entrance, to be honest, and with a kinda mini-dungeon when climbing there.
This is what I'm working on finishing atm.

I'd like to release an intermediate release so that people can have a view on the visible but also on the invisible progress done by the engine and the new art, but also to get wider feedback, and buy a bit of time while I concentrate on the second dungeon.

I was thinking that you can edit the names and the colours/skins of some already existing enemies like slimes, spiders, bats, make them stronger than before for the future levels. You don't need to redesign a new enemy, and this method is also frequently used by different games (even in Diablo and Torchlight games).
If I haven't explained well, you start to fight against some weak green slimes in the game, then you can meet them again but as stronger red slimes, again as purple in a dungeon, later yellow etc. Or applying this with spiders you can make them in tarantulas, black widows, and others.

You're completely right, and even if coming with brand new enemies is what I actually try to do, that's what I did already with snakes and slimes (the green snakes are already got a violet one and the red slime already exists in the monster database), and will keep on doing while not too often to increase the amount of monsters encountered.

For the second dungeon, I suggest to use this nice tileset from LPC , and adding new enemies for the next forest levels (like bees, worms, pumpkins, man-eater flowers etc. are suitable as habitat) always taken from LPC project (here ).

There are two new enemies in the part-to-be-released. ;) And I am focusing on adding two more to fit the map before the last one atm.

The new monsters should really go in, you're right bees and man-eater flowers are cool, I'll add them among the content for episode II which should be a bit open than the tunnel-driven story the heroes are confronted to, atm.

If you'd like to help for the second dungeon:
The second dungeon is a grotto with a hidden shrine on its center, so I'll use both natural and man-carved stony tileset for it.
I'm almost sure many LPC stuff shall be taken to create this atmosphere and the dungeon tileset linked here should fit for certain elements. I'm open to discuss plans and enigmas there if someone is willing to map and/or script. ;)

Best regards,
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