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Re: Translation

PostPosted: 29 Feb 2016, 22:33
by Bertram
Hey RatArmy, :)

I recommend Source Han Sans Japanese for Japanese font.
It is good looking and OFL licence(same as LinLibertine).

Ok, I tried the first Japanese link but it seems to fail on my end. Still trying to download from another link.

I can't wait to play Valyria Tear in Japanese! But my boost ver is 1.60, so I can't build code on github now.

This should now be fixed, see: ... -190404772

Best regards,

Re: Translation

PostPosted: 29 Feb 2016, 22:50
by Bertram
Hi again, :)

This one is for you:

I just pushed an experimental translation support using only one font. You can get the latest master and try on your own, feel free to change the data/config/fonts.lua file to make test fit your needs. You may even add/modify the fonts used in the "ja" section.

Cheers, ;)

Re: Translation

PostPosted: 29 Feb 2016, 23:07
by Akien
Awesome, a JRPG in Japanese!! :D

Re: Translation

PostPosted: 29 Feb 2016, 23:18
by Bertram
Yeah, it's some kind of dream come true. :D

Re: Translation

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2016, 07:46
by RatArmy
Thanks for quick support!
I will do test playing and tweak font size.

Re: Translation

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2018, 08:26
by GunChleoc
Can you please run
{l Code}: {l Select All Code}
make update-pot
and update the file on Transifex? I'd like to do a playthrough to test my translation, but it needs to be complete first.