[WIP] Untitled r1

[WIP] Untitled r1

Postby ballist1c » 01 Dec 2013, 16:51

Untitled r1
by Joseph "ballist1c" Calabria

I've had a lot of work (academic and non-academic) as of late, and RE has gotten pushed farther and farther back. Out of a couple layouts i could finish up this one seemed the most finished and promising, but it just stalled, and i've gotten an "artist block" of sorts on the texturing while simultaneously working on other projects.

There is a lot of parkour possible here, while still maintaining a relatively tight open layout. A lot of design processes went into the formation of rooms and connections.

Many people have seen this already online; there are 3 possible teleport destinations, which i'll deal with later. I'd like for people to take shots at giving it a theme/texturing, or at least the start of one. I'll handle the rest.

Map is bare, stripped lights and complex geometry, no affinities other than nade/mine. Enjoy ^^ (was jokingly named "bed bath and beyond" when John_III and i were talking on IRC)

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