[map] tonatiuh (1.1b)

Re: [map] tonatiuh (1.1b)

Postby Sniper-Goth » 20 Dec 2013, 00:03

Meh, there's no reason to noclip the spikes, let the ragdoll do their work :lol:
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Re: [map] tonatiuh (1.1b)

Postby gynter » 20 Dec 2013, 09:37

Going to update it, if I get time.

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Re: [map] tonatiuh (1.1b)

Postby bonifarz » 20 Dec 2013, 14:43

Noclip on spikes: In rare cases, you could actually touch death material and bounce off a spike - not really prone to abuse, but quite irritating.
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Re: [map] tonatiuh (1.1b)

Postby Calinou » 22 Dec 2013, 18:03

My best time is about 1:50 on this map.

I think the player start should be moved not to be too far from the start.
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Re: [map] tonatiuh (1.1b)

Postby radiant » 22 Dec 2013, 18:14

The player start was already moved, in the same update that blocks my 34 route.
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