Postby Kieutrang » 03 Sep 2019, 08:29

A new version of the game, v0.3. will be released this week on 15th December.
For v0.4 (ETA March or April), one of the main things on the roadmap could be having localization support and translating the game into a couple of languages; I'm still deciding the whole workflow for this atm.

I'm looking for people who are willing to help with translating the game into another language. Let me know what language(s) you can offer help with and your email or other ways I could get in touch with you.

Dread Knight: romanian
Clement: french
BioHazardX: italian
fraang: german
dimproject: russian
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Re: translations

Postby GunChleoc » 04 Sep 2019, 13:45

I'm interested in translating this to Scottish Gaelic, but I don't now when I'll find the time.

Note that Russian as well as my language will need support for proper plural forms if you have translatable strings with number in it. It's also best to use a bilingual file format, e.g. gettext po.

Do you have a rough idea of the expected word count?
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