GPL program distribution

GPL program distribution

Postby Lachu » 20 Oct 2018, 18:02

I compiled C/C++ program to web page, using emscripten. To distribute it, I have had to create web browser (it loads WebView control). Web browser is based on Blink and only load game (Of course render it and handle input, play sounds, etc.). Additionally option I implemented is to show onscreen keyboard, but user click button to show/hide it in browser.

Have I public my browser on the same license than game? Is WebView on Android open sourced? Does this WebView force me to select some license?
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Re: GPL program distribution

Postby Lyberta » 21 Oct 2018, 09:11

You can link GPL code to other libraries that are GPL compatible. The resulting work will be GPL (or AGPL if you link to AGPL).
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Re: GPL program distribution

Postby onpon4 » 21 Oct 2018, 15:28

I'm pretty sure Blink isn't under the GPL. If it was, Chrome would have to be under the GPL too.

What license you can put on this Web browser you made depends on the libraries you used for it, not the license of whatever game you're talking about. A JavaScript game running in a Web browser isn't "linking" to the Web browser. It's just a form of user input, which the GPL doesn't restrict (to do so would be a violation of freedom 0). And there's no problem with distributing multiple libre programs in an aggregate regardless of license.
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