Donations for Development tool + engine + Ai

Donations for Development tool + engine + Ai

Postby jdc » 08 Dec 2017, 07:10

Donations for a Development tool that incorporate a 3D/2D engine and Artificial intelligence in to the code.

Writing the theory for a multi purpose tool, since people do not like property engines. Hardly this will be develop for company. Another way is to pay or donate for a open source tool. The best it will be to establish a Patron for this and get donator's.

Most if not all projects are looking for a tool like this one that can improve their development.

It could do a lot of stuff that engines can't for example it could manage all projects at "free game dev".

let's says instead people are on the forums saying i need help with programming for my project, or i need this or that. It is much better to have all that stuff build in to a tool that users simple click, or have in build templates, they just install a pre build in project and it prevent people from hurry with the complicated details.

Another way to put this in perspective : what need is there for all game developers learn to build a camera for a RTS game and do not have a build in RTS camera?

The learning curve for programming will be like lets imagine "less 50%".

The tool will be capable of managing all aspects of game development, not just the engine, also the programming, the library's, the art, code, etc...

Patron made by Bart at Open Game Art :

It says : $382 per month width that kind of money think it is enough to establish the project.
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Re: Donations for Development tool + engine + Ai

Postby Julius » 08 Dec 2017, 13:23

Very difficult to make out what you actually have in mind... but it sounds a bit like the Godot Engine asset library:

However how that related to "Legal & Business" as well as the OGA Patreon page is a bit of a mystery to me.
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Re: Donations for Development tool + engine + Ai

Postby jdc » 08 Dec 2017, 19:34

Nice project. People only know of unity and unreal should know about other projects!

Actually is not that hard. The main issue is to refactor code. Once it start to lay the foundations it is very kick. Is build on a better code.

Already applied that concepts, to a PHP framework that i develop. Maybe start posting code... The development is very fluid.

But the overall project dimension, is big, it will take some time, some part's probably are not that easy to refactor but i do not need to refactor complex stuff can use at it is, and help or some kind of income, but is not managed the same way. Like in plugins.

It's managed like a A.I. structure.

It could use code snippets for other library's to start working, or have some kind of initial templates. Then lather refactor and update it more to further extend the use of the A.I and the code standardization which what make it work at code level...
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