Changing the Background

Changing the Background

Postby Oliver_Buo » 13 Aug 2018, 20:29

Changing the Background ... should be easyer. The 3 pic who make the background should be together, upload as a group. not pic. top / pic midel / pic botom ;) maybe for supertux 0.6.0 ?
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Re: Changing the Background

Postby DevonST » 16 Aug 2018, 14:49

Strongly agree. I suggest a template selection with previews when you created a new level. You can choose between Halloween, Crystalcave, Classic Snow, Forest, Icebridge, Sky, Night, 2 Underground themes and probably even more. This will automatically set the background and the music for the level but you can fine tune it to make it fit your needs of course.
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