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Postby Laksh » 28 Aug 2021, 13:22

tlbomb {l Wrote}:
LMH {l Wrote}:Welcome to the SuperTux Levels and Add-ons Forum. The purpose of this forum is to organize information related to specific SuperTux Add-ons and levels. Feel free to look for hint and suggestions for passing a level you're stuck on, leave feedback and suggestions for your favorite (and lest favorite) levels, or ask for information on how to incorporate elements into your own custom levels.

If you do not see a topic relating to the level or add-on you want more information on, just start a new one.

Hello. I struggle with finding out the script for setting texts with script triggers since years now, but I couldn't find the right script for doing that in the 0.6.0 Version :(((
Does anybody know the script for setting texts? Please Help me!

I make my supertux worlds in nighty builds of supertux
any world without nighty builds of supertux is like it lack details for me
(note: I have a github account)
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