Hugh's World Remastered

Hugh's World Remastered

Postby SuperTuxFan SalomonD » 25 Jun 2021, 20:52

¡Hi everyone!
I know, im the same that published the "LEVEL SET DEMO" then many people can't download it.
But whatever

I show here a remasterization of "Hugh's World"
Because of bad levels (not offense, i too started creating like that) i take and spend my time on create this
level's remasterization.

RAR: Here is MediaFire link: ... d.rar/file
(Sorry if you can't download it, because i don't know to much of this things)

It's only like a "update" of the world, don't expect to much, because:

-Re-create levels
-Re-create Worldmap
-Worthly to play

-Only 3 levels to play
-Short levelset
-You need SuperTux v0.6.2 to play it (if you have it don't worry about this)

Thanks for playing ;)
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Re: Hugh's World Remastered

Postby LECZ » 30 Jun 2021, 02:50

Good remastering The design of the levels is friendly the design of the map is very good but they are extremely short :)

there is a bug in the last level it should be Nolok_s_castle but it is Nolok_castle :shock:
I recommend you test the world several times to avoid these kinds of mistakes :)
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