Hard Platforming Level for v0.6.2 and worldmap

Hard Platforming Level for v0.6.2 and worldmap

Postby DevonST » 15 May 2020, 21:13

I made a new level where you need to throw ice cubes in all directions. I release it together with my previous independently-released levels on a worldmap called “Puzzles or Platforms?” (so that it can get added to the addons repo).

Previous forum topics:
- Airship
- Night
- Physics working as expected…
- Earth Flower
- Ice Flower
- Air Flower

The new level is a kaizo level called “I Like to Throw It, Throw It!”. I put a lot of effort into creating consistent and intuitive setups and hiding the secret area in the level. You need v.0.6.2 to play it.

My speedruns:
- Night in 1:34.07
- I Like to Throw It, Throw It in 1:01.09

Download the zip below and place it in your addons folder. Then you can activate the addon in SuperTux.
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