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Masocore level

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2019, 22:02
by chomwitt
Happy new year to all.
Long live supertux's community and libregaming.

In Bouncy_Coil in the forest world before you reach the bell you must do a very tricky route to get
a coil.
After a substantial effort you get the coil , you pass the bell holding the coil , you use the coil
to get to a higher platform and from there you must do also a very tricky route to get another coil.

The element that seem to me like 'masocore' is that if i lost after the bell , i must again go to find the
first coil!.

So it feels like the bell doesnt help a lot. And without a usefull bell that last part seem masocore to me.
I spent 1500 and mainly i felt frustation and i cant say i enjoyed , even after i got throught.

ps. I dont remember clearly but in another level of the forest world where there are three bells and
you must build with stones to pass through again i felt that bell were messed up and didnt
fell like saves.