[Troll] DGR's Axiom of Choiche

[Troll] DGR's Axiom of Choiche

Postby divVerent » 18 Nov 2019, 06:05

A massive troll level, full of trolls and nastiness for SuperTux 0.6.0, even with multiple antisoftlocks.

Preview videos:

For most effective trolling, set options/magnification to match the video, i.e. so that the settings dialog begins to overlap with the text. Most trolls don't require that though.

Download here and put in the addons/ directory. The third level in the addon is this one.

Beware, the level is hard (but I intentionally put in a skip for the hard part of the beginning... which by itself is hard in a different way, so everyone gets a second chance). The video shows how to beat the hard part though, after that the required skill level goes down, and there is a checkpoint shortly after.

Also I am aware of one other skip/cheese that can only be used once, and one skip that's really hard to pull off but useful for speedrunning this - if anyone ever would want to ;)

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Re: [Troll] DGR's Axiom of Choiche

Postby Nickerson Romero » 18 Nov 2019, 13:43

cool :D
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