The Kaloco's World

The Kaloco's World

Postby KalocoHD » 30 Mar 2019, 15:41

After 8 years playing Supertux i wanted to make my own world - the Kaloco's World :D
Tell me a comments please something positive and neativ about my world :cool:

Infomations about my world:
Buildtime: 1 year
34 levels with time
Story plays after Milenstone 3

Have fun with it guys :D
Worldmap with levels for download:
(92.08 KiB) Downloaded 146 times
Level: Mount Nolok
Level: The land of Snowballs and Snowmen
Part of the worldmap
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Re: The Kaloco's World

Postby WeLuvGoatz » 01 Apr 2019, 15:59

First Impressions (First few levels): Reminds me of 0.1.3 levels, with the level times. You really captured the spirit of those old levels. :) :)
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Re: The Kaloco's World

Postby w_laenger » 04 Apr 2019, 19:06

I like this world, but I sometimes don't agree with the difficulty mentioned in the parenthesis, for example in my experience "Lets jump higher!" is medium and not very hard. (or maybe the levels I use as reference are too difficult: ... 56eb7121e7)
In my opinion the most difficult situations were the rope jumping (see screenshot), finding the right time to jump on those moving platforms (see screenshot), and the boss fights where jumping enemies such as snowballs, skulls or frogs have at you.
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