Fix 0.6.0 level editor

Fix 0.6.0 level editor

Postby ProTux » 08 Feb 2019, 23:59

Please fix this bug: everytime i go into a level that im working on and i click on something, it freezes for like 2 seconds and then goes back to normal. is there something wrong with the level editor? Please fix!
i cant wait for supertux v 0.6.0 to have brand new worlds!
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Re: Fix 0.6.0 level editor

Postby Oliver_Buo » 09 Feb 2019, 12:08

problem kann ich bestätigen.
Ebenfalls, dass jeweils um ein kästchen verschoben gezeichent wird. sehr mühsam...

I can confirm problem.
Also, that is drawn in each case moved to a box. very difficult ...
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