Industrial island; Isle of misery (IIv2 april fool's demo)

Industrial island; Isle of misery (IIv2 april fool's demo)

Postby Frost » 02 Apr 2024, 08:32

Joke Spinoff of industrial island made to show off one of the addon's new custom gimmicks, the switch block! this addon uses 3 variants, the auto switch block, the timed switch block, and the normal switch block. these are used in 2, crazy hard levels!
Industrial island v2 has some fairly good progress, the best guess i can give for it's release date is in about 2-3 months.

NOTE; anyone is free to use assets found in this addon, however, people most be credited for their work, and people should fairly easily be able to find the credits as well.

download the addon here! be sure to use the latest nightly! ... 8655aedf9&

Isle of misery credits;
Tylerandari12; programming, graphics
FrostC; graphics, level design, sounds.
Deerboi; Music
SevenBerry; level design, sounds
Rodirod; graphics
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Re: Industrial island; Isle of misery (IIv2 april fool's dem

Postby TheVincentSuperTux » 09 Apr 2024, 00:59

I saw that there are bugs with the switch blocks. It must be because of the build of the new tarantula I have. But the rest is all great. Good luck with the project! :D :heart:
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