nolok as a boss

nolok as a boss

Postby theXman63 » 26 Jun 2020, 00:10

I reskined the yeti as a nolok a couple of years back, but here's nolok as a boss!

Since there were only two bosses in the game, this is why i reskined the yeti as nolok. feel free to try it out on the yeti!

edit (6/30/2020): Revised sprites.
nolok boss.rar
how to use:
1. place a yeti
2. find the folder "nolok boss"
3. click "yeti.sprite"
(1.24 MiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: nolok as a boss

Postby KiyanTheBluePenguin » 26 Jun 2020, 11:47

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Re: nolok as a boss

Postby Alzter » 30 Jun 2020, 08:35

So basically you replaced the Yeti with a static Nolok sprite?
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