Choosing An Enemies Path?

Choosing An Enemies Path?

Postby KiyanTheBluePenguin » 15 May 2020, 23:03

Ok, I Will Explain A Bit.

So You Know How You Can Move Blocks Where Ever You Want?
Yeah, Its Kinda That, Just A Bit Diffrent.
So The Idea Is You Choose A Enemie And Then You Can Choose If You Want To Give It A Path.
If You Click It, Then Well You Use The Arrow Things (I Don't Know How They Are Called)
And Use Them To Choose The Path You Want Them To Go (I Also Don't Know What Word To Use So There).

Oh, And You Cant Put It Up Unless Its An Enemie That Go's Vertically.

So Here's The Idea! Pretty Simple (Atleast I Think).
Just A Suggestion.
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