help with worldmap

help with worldmap

Postby sinisa3games » 28 Feb 2019, 17:33

how do you use worldmap tiles? like change sprites, messages and teleporters?
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Re: help with worldmap

Postby manuel » 28 Feb 2019, 21:11

1. Change Sprites
It's the same as with normal levels: Right-click an object and click on "Sprite". There you can navigate to the sprite you want to select.

2. Messages
Place the message object on the map and right-click it. Hover with your mouse over the "Message" field (or select it with the arrow keys and then start to type your message in.
If you don't add a sprite to the message, you should make sure that the "Invisible" checkbox is activated or it will show an error texture.
If you don't want Tux to stop on the message position you want to select "Show message", too.
Hover over "Direction" and start to type if you want the message to only show up, when Tux travels in a specific direction. Use "north" when it should only show up, when Tux comes from the top and travels downwards and for the other directions "east", "south" or "west". You can enable the message from multiple directions by joining the directions with a minus. For example, when the message should appear when walking from left to right and back, use "east-west".

3. Teleporter
Place a spawnpoint and give it a name (right-click, hover over the name and start typing…). Then place a teleporter, select spawnpoint and type in the exact same name you used for the spawn point.
You can check the checkbox for automatic, if Tux should be teleporter as soon as he touches the teleporter. Otherwise Tux will stop on the teleporter and waits until you press ENTER.
You can also add a message that will appear on teleportation. You should know by now how this is done.
If you want Tux to teleport back, you have to place a second teleporter and spawnpoint with a different name.
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