In-Game Level Editor test suite?

In-Game Level Editor test suite?

Postby BeanAcres » 23 Sep 2018, 19:46

Hi folks,

I am trying to help my daughter figure out some stuff with the new-generation in-game level editor. I realized that before I can do that, I need to learn how to use it myself :-)

I started playing around with it, and I'm experiencing some behaviors that I am not sure whether are bugs or not. I noticed that the various icon's don't seem to pop up any tooltips to give a clue as to what each tool does (I am not sure if this is an omission). I did look at an intro video but I find that they tend to move so fast that I am constantly pressing the pause and rewind buttons on the video to try to figure out what I might have missed.

I have seen the Level Editor page on the wiki ( which references some videos; it also seems to describe more of the packaging and deployment details as opposed to how to use the editor itself. Is there any page explaining what the icons do and how they should behave when one is using them? For example, sometimes when I select the little eraser tool, the pointer (penguin head; cute) has an eraser icon floating with it, other times not. I'm not sure if this is a bug or some nuance I am missing.

Anyway, if such a description already exists, I wanted to ask about it.

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Re: In-Game Level Editor test suite?

Postby WeLuvGoatz » 23 Sep 2018, 23:45

Some editor actions work by two-finger clicking them, while others work by single clicking them. I'm not sure which features use which clicks, as I haven't played SuperTux in a while. I also don't know if some features work by double clicking or not. I also experienced this issue at first and it took pressing random buttons for me to finally figure it out.
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Re: In-Game Level Editor test suite?

Postby manuel » 24 Sep 2018, 13:36

Erasing things:
It's possible to delete tiles and objects by using the eraser symbol in the top right. Objects can only be removed when one of the "Objects" tabs is opened and tiles when one of the "Tilegroups" is selected. You can also select a tile by right-clicking (or multiple tiles by dragging and right-clicking). Using this method, by selecting an empty tile and then left-clicking on other tiles will remove (replace) them.

Right-click and left-click:
Left-clicking will place, (with the eraser selected) delete or copy (after clicking on the arrow below the "Objects" text) them. When the black arrow is selected in the top right of each "Objects" tab, objects can be moved by left-clicking and dragging them. When the red arrow in the "Objects > Ambient" tab is selected, the paths of objects (e.g. platforms) can be changed when clicking on them.
Right-clicking allows to copy tiles (see above) when one of the "Tilegroups" tabs is open, or allow to change objects properties when right-clicking on an object when one of the "Objects" tab is open.
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