Transfer Saved Games

Transfer Saved Games

Postby DocFanta31 » 19 Sep 2021, 18:18


I have installed Supertux on a new (Windows 10) computer. I would like to transfer my savegames from my old (Windows 10) computer to the new machine, so I don't have to start all over again. Where can I find them and is there anything else I have to do other than copy files?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Transfer Saved Games

Postby KiyanTheBluePenguin » 21 Sep 2021, 13:42

The Save Game Files Are In The Appdata Folder Of SuperTux.

If You're In That Folder, There's A Couple Files.

"addons, levels, and the profile files"

The Profile Files Are Based On Which Profile You Played On (aka If You Played On Profile 1, It Should Be "profile1")

Copy The Files And Put Them Into The New Folder.

Hope This Helps!
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Re: Transfer Saved Games

Postby jojo141948 » 21 Sep 2021, 13:46

Open My Computer and at the top of the view tab, click on the hidden items (must be correct for hidden folders to be visible) and go to
"C: \ Users \ your username \ AppData \ Roaming \ SuperTux \ supertux2 "
There are all saved add-ons downloaded, your levels made just copy the folder you have the backup of the entire game. After going to the new windows just paste the folder in the same location.
Hope I was helpful. Sorry for the bad writing because I'm using the translator, I don't know a lot of English words.
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