"Hook" Powerup Idea

"Hook" Powerup Idea

Postby Raoul1808 » 21 Oct 2019, 16:14


I'd like to share a few sketches for a powerup idea, some kind of "Grapplin Hook".
This is a powerup that would allow for more advanced platforming mechanics, such as swinging in the air and climbing up walls (or just grabbing them).

If there is some text you can't read, please tell me ;) (I may not answer right away, since I'm not very active on forums)
SuperTux Hook Idea.pdf
ideas on paper
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Re: "Hook" Powerup Idea

Postby DevonST » 21 Oct 2019, 20:57

I like the idea! Determining whether the hook can hook on tiles in a certain angle seems like a hard thing to program though (However, Getting Over it is kinda themed around that). It would probably be the best when it just hooks on specially-made tiles for that purpose. The hook could be a permanent power-up (Zelda style) so you would still be able to complete levels around the hook even after you get hit.
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Re: "Hook" Powerup Idea

Postby SuperTux20 » 20 Dec 2019, 23:21

I like the idea too. Maybe you could have a little mini-inventory that you can cycle through by pressing a key (E or R judging by how I place my fingers) and you collect tools to fill it as you progress through the levels. One of them would be the hook, another could be some kind of hammer for a melee attack? There wouldn't be too many tools, that'd be hard to cycle through. There would be no point-and-click inventory menu, to avoid interrupting the flow of the game.
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