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THREAD: Boss Behavior Ideas?

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2019, 04:41
by WeLuvGoatz

Anyways.... :relieved: :sparkles:

Currently, I've noticed that the bosses of SuperTux are... very basic. And WAY too easy. I think that the two bosses we currently have should be harder and more complex, meaning they have more complex attacks. Do you have any ideas for boss attacks for the Yeti and Ghost Tree? POST 'EM BELOW!

Re: THREAD: Boss Behavior Ideas?

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2019, 04:46
by WeLuvGoatz
(I know I am replying to my own post, but...)

Yeti: I think we should restore the snowball attack, but this time in a new way (At 2 HP, he starts to summon a snowball every time he makes the stalactites fall), or maybe add a second/third attack that can be used at the same time as another one, so Tux must dodge more than one easy obstacle. I suggest making the Yeti not hurtable when he is attacking from above and you can only hit him once per "swoop". Maybe the snowballs can be part of a pinch attack at 2HP or they can be worsened at 2HP while still appearing in the entire battle. Also, the Yeti's normal cycle of jumping between platforms should be changed and should add a new attack between the icicle attack and him jumping down, to elongate the boss fight and not make it really fast.

Re: THREAD: Boss Behavior Ideas?

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2019, 19:28
by RustyBox
Here is my idea/concept I had in mind for the ghost tree boss fight:
I was thinking about having the ghost tree be a rounds-based boss. The ghost tree will be positioned at the center of the boss level. As a possible way to attack the tree a new enemy will be made.
This enemy would be a bluish ghost like badguy, who if jumped on will lay on the ground pulsating and if thrown they will explode. If one lets it be instead of throwing it it will wake up again. More on them later on.

It will keep its basic root attack (but with better visual clues). The three colored wisps circling the tree will be sucked in after time to unleash a specific attack per color.
- Red -> Rage attack: The tree begins screaming and unleashing a wave of roots covering the level, one after another.
- Green -> Ghost enemy summoning: The tree will summon a wave of ghost forest related enemies (Enemies may die when touching a root of the tree).
- Blue -> Ghost flames -> The ghost tree will create a couple (maybe 5 or 6) of blue flames which will rain down on Tux. The last blue flame when landed will transform into the bluish badguy which then must be thrown at the tree in order to damage them.
Note: The basic root attack will continue to be active during all attacks ecxept the rage attack!

In pinch mode (reached when the boss only has 2 lives left), the ghost tree will suck in all colored wisps creating a final attack which will continue endlessly and is a "combination" of all three attacks but disabling the base root attack. The tree will cover the entiere ground with its roots, preventing the player to reach the ground. Then, Tux must jump from platform to platform and avoid the blue flames raining down on him in order to reach the tree. During this phase the bluish ghost enemy will continuously spawn from a blue flame but only as long as there is only one present. This phase will then repeat until the boss has no lives left.

Re: THREAD: Boss Behavior Ideas?

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2019, 19:41
by RustyBox
My idea for the yeti is quite similar to yours.
The yeti will behave as usual but with the additional snowball throw after before the stomping.
So the yeti will run from one side to the other, jump on the higher ground, throw two to three snowballs at the player wait a bit (maybe until all snowballs are defeated), do the stomp attack and run to the other side and so on and so forth.

In pinch mode (reached when the yeti has only two lives left) the yeti will "hop" from side to side making it harder to jump on him (idea from HybridDog on github: ... -485275845), then after throwing the snowballs and stomping the yeti will throw one last gigantic snowball and "hop" from one side to the other and so on and so forth after the snowball reached a wall and breaks.

The first boss should not be too complex as it is the first boss in the game therefore should retain a certain "easy" difficulty. Later boss however can get complexer.