Introducing: The Ghoul!

Introducing: The Ghoul!

Postby WeLuvGoatz » 06 Oct 2019, 17:42

A new enemy is coming to a SuperTux near you... and it's very SPOOKY!

I bring you: The Ghoul!

This new enemy appears in the Ghost Forest and seeks out Tux, wanting to eat his flesh! The ghoul will track you down and follow you until it eats you. It's even immune to fire and ice bullets! How can you get rid of this scary and slightly annoying enemy? By squishing it!

The Ghoul is a sort of zombie, and you don't want to come across it! (Or maybe you do, if you're really into the Ghoul :P)

See it in action here:

Test it by downloading the nightly builds, found here:

I recommend you all make some levels centered around the Ghoul and put them here, in light of the Ghoul I want you all to test it. I've worked on this for a few weeks now and am glad to say it's now official!
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Re: Introducing: The Ghoul!

Postby Alzter » 07 Oct 2019, 03:05

Very well done! :D
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Re: Introducing: The Ghoul!

Postby Random Paradox » 17 Oct 2019, 17:01

Here's a simple level I made with the ghouls:
(3.44 KiB) Downloaded 5 times

Suggestion: the ghouls will not go with 3 blocks of a lantern, held or placed.
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