tux at utube

tux at utube

Postby Oliver_Buo » 09 Feb 2019, 13:55

Tux on u-tube...
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5F32B ... d-LIQ/home

....does anyone know if you can change the picture, or sometimes can add a picture?
and in games you can not choose the version ....
how can you do that at utube?
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Re: tux at utube

Postby WeLuvGoatz » 09 Feb 2019, 15:09

This "channel" is autogenerated by YouTube, so I don't think it's possible to do either of these things, because technically you don't own that "channel"; YouTube does.
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Re: tux at utube

Postby DatTuxBoi » 28 Apr 2019, 23:20

This is not a channel
Youtube autogenerates this because it recognizes supertux as a game
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