more backgrounds

more backgrounds

Postby ctdabomb » 02 Mar 2012, 00:08

I made some really quick and bad drawings of some backgrounds. If someone wants, they can make them usable for in-game/insparation, or the they can look at them and laugh at my poor job. :P





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Re: more backgrounds

Postby Oliver_Buo » 04 Dec 2016, 12:01

nice job :)
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Re: more backgrounds

Postby BlasterMaster » 28 Dec 2016, 04:24

I'd like to try some. If that's okay.
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Re: more backgrounds

Postby mteufel » 28 Dec 2016, 16:53

Sure, feel free to do that. (Also check your email by the way!)
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Re: more backgrounds

Postby Cristea Catalin » 19 Apr 2017, 16:51

Those are backgrounds?
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Re: more backgrounds

Postby VNS » 22 Apr 2017, 18:04

I think they're examples of backgrounds. But even I can't do any better than those.
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