SuperTuxCart on a Pi5

SuperTuxCart on a Pi5

Postby 1999gaming » 08 Nov 2023, 00:21

This is only a first test but it's much better than the Pi 4 and with a bit of fine tuning and overclocking might even get a solid 25fps.
Here's a video of the run, more in video description.
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SuperTuxKart on a Pi5

Postby Skittles » 13 Nov 2023, 21:50

Hey man, atleast you need to know that there is already a SuperTuxKart forum on this same web, so please, get all of this stuff there.
Thank you <3
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Re: SuperTuxCart on a Pi5

Postby NickerAban » 14 Nov 2023, 16:42

here is 2D no that tuxkart
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