SuperTux Soundtrack Album

SuperTux Soundtrack Album

Postby Pewskeepski » 30 Mar 2021, 01:03

I'm putting together a "Soundtrack Album" of SuperTux, in which all the music is converted to .mp3 and orginized in a nice "album package". It's for my own personal use, but if there's interest (and it's legal), I'd be happy to share with anyone who loves listening to the music as much as I do. I'm trying to credit as many of the songs as possible. I know many of them were done by Wansti, and a lot of the newer pieces by MasterBlaster. But some of the tracks remain a mystery in the case of who composed them.


Does anyone know who contributed those? I've got pretty much every other track properly credited, with exception to the "classic tracks" from the ancient version of SuperTux made by Bil Kendrick. Those artists shall probably remain unknown since he pulled the from who-even-knows-where.
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Re: SuperTux Soundtrack Album

Postby tlbomb » 05 May 2021, 13:20

See the following link:
I hope I could help you.
Btw, I'm interested in that album.
Please notify us as soon as it's finished :cool: :D
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