Answering some questions from the IRC channel #lipsofsuna

Answering some questions from the IRC channel #lipsofsuna

Postby xenodora » 03 May 2017, 15:38

Someone came into the IRC channel and asked some questions, but I managed to miss them by a few days. On the off chance they stumble across here, or someone else has these questions too, I'll give the answers here:

<uzername> Hello. how to change savefile location?

If you're running under Linux you should be able to change "XDG_DATA_HOME" to change where it stores data (or maybe "XDG_CONFIG_HOME"). If you're using Windows, I'm not sure what you can do to easily change it.

The source files "src/lipsofsuna/system/system-paths.c" and "src/lipsofsuna/paths/paths.c" might be of interest

<uzername> The last version is 0.8.0?

That is latest formal release, but if you want the latest source code go here: I've been adding bug fixes, and also making improvements to the game and source documentation.

<uzername> Where can I get the API description for lua scripts in data folder?

Documentation for the Lua scripts in the data folder is sparse at the moment. Using "./waf html" to build the HTML documentation might be helpful (output is in "docs/html").

<uzername> Hello. I'd like to get a LMDL model exporter for blender. It is mentioned here: but website is non-available

Fortunately I was able to salvage a copy of that page from my browser cache:
  • Installation:
    • Copy the "lipsofsuna_export" directory from "tool/" to Blender's "scripts/addons/" directory.
    • Enable "Import-Export: Export Lips of Suna (.lmdl)" in Blender's user preferences view.
    • Save your user preferences in Blender.
  • The exporter can be found from "File->Export->Lips of Suna" in Blender.
  • You need to explicitly enable exporting of objects with "Properties->Object->Lips of Suna->Export Settings".

You need to have a recent copy of Blender 2.6x installed and have a recent copy of the exporter. Blender 2.6x still gets changed a lot so the exporter may stop to work. The one in the Git repository is often adapted quickly to the changes. You can download the newest version of Blender from their website.

  • Download the game and extract the archive.
  • Open the "tool" directory located inside the extracted game directory.
  • Copy the "lipsofsuna_export" directory inside it.
  • Paste the copied directory into the "2.63/scripts/addons/" directory of your Blender installation.
    • Ubuntu package users: Paste into "/.blender/2.63/scripts/addons/" instead.

  • Launch Blender.
  • Open the "File" menu and select "User Preferences..."
  • Open the "Addons" tab.
  • Find "Import-Export: Export Lips of Suna (.lmdl)" from the list.
  • Click the check box of the exporter box to enable it.
  • Press the "Save As Default" button to enable automatically at Blender startup.

Using the exporter
The exporter can be found from "File->Export->Lips of Suna (.lmdl)" in Blender. There's also an extra panel at the bottom of the Object tab of the Properties view that helps you control what objects are imported and exported.

The exporter writes the .lmdl files to the same directory with the original .blend file. To make the models accessible to the game, you need to copy them to the data directory of the game.

Exporting needs to be explicitly enabled for each object with the "Export Settings" button in the "Lips of Suna" object properties panel. By default, nothing is exported, and the exporter will notify you of this.

<uzername> What was your point to introduce your format?

I don't know what Amuzen's motivation was behind the LMDL file format, as he disappeared before I picked up this project. I can only speculate that other formats didn't have the features or didn't have the documentation to implement.
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