Where can we ever find this project?

Where can we ever find this project?

Postby Jastiv » 18 Nov 2018, 22:33

I understand it was abandoned, as far as I know anyway, but even without the domain, surely the developers left stuff on a public repository.
Is this the latest repository here? https://sourceforge.net/projects/lipsofsuna/
or is it here? https://gitlab.com/xenodora/lipsofsuna
I'm not planning to raise it from the dead or anything, but it would be good to know in case someone does want to in the future.
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Re: Where can we ever find this project?

Postby Julius » 19 Nov 2018, 17:12

There was some attempt to revive it not so long ago:

It was forked off this: https://gitlab.com/xenodora/lipsofsuna so that is probably the latest original repository?
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