Retro graphics proposal - in game photage

Retro graphics proposal - in game photage

Postby pdvrosado » 09 Jan 2014, 02:38

Hi, I'm a psychology student and Ubuntu user for quite some time. I'm a fond lover of retro / classic games and an open source supporter, and I've helped with a lot of translations from games and other apps. The thing that bugs me most about linux games, is that most are just clones, but some games like battle for wesnoth, although having some similarities with other games within the genre, are rather unique. Like so, I love the game, despite the fact that the graphics are not suited for a game like that, and a retro mario like game should have proper retro graphics.

Like so, I've spend some time editing some sprites on gimp, to come with all new icons, monsters, tilesets, etc for the game. I would like to ask you if it's ok to implement them or help in any way, Super tux 1.

There is a photo as attachment, with the newly designed graphics, it's still v.1.0 but on my other computer I've got the whole set complete (the background ain't totally changed in this version, and some monster sprites were modified again, as well for terrain tilesets). Just mail me back and let me know ... sp=sharing

If you guys like it, I can upload the folder so that you all can share the first version :)
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Re: Retro graphics proposal - in game photage

Postby devnewton » 10 Jan 2014, 10:04

Not sure about Supertux, but you can share your assets on

You might also take a look at my own platform game ( ): it comes with a mod system ( ) that allows you to create custom levels, with or without level rotation if you want to use it as a classic platformer engine. It is barely documented ( ... ods/create ) but I can help :-)
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