Looking For MD5 Tutorial

Looking For MD5 Tutorial

Postby mentaleak » 17 Apr 2013, 20:01

I'm looking for a detailed preferably video tutorial on 3d modeling in MD5 format. Primarily for the Sauerbraten: Cube 2 engine.
More or less I need someone to show me how I / or rather my graphic modeling team can import models, modify them and output them again.
We need help with all aspects of the modeling.
Choosing a free modeling software, (and version)
Installing required plugins,
Importing the model, making a minor adjustment to a model, (place rectangle in area)
Exporting the model for use in the engine

If someone could create such a tutorial I as well as many others i'm sure would be very grateful.

I'm looking to start a large scale game project.
I've been developing various software for a long time and I've worked on many projects as a modder over many years. I LOVED modding MMO environments and I would like to do it again. However time is getting difficult to free up and I would like to try and profit off of my next project. So I'm turning to the cube 2 engine as a basis for the game.
I figure I start with a battle arena concept and if the project is successful then I may look to take it to a completely full MMO.

I like the cube 2 engine, it has a licensing scheme that is good for this project and the only problem now is i need to have my team make some license free models to start with.
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Re: Looking For MD5 Tutorial

Postby Julius » 18 Apr 2013, 09:11

I just dealt with .md5 stuff for RedEclipse (also Cube2 based) quite extensively and I guess could answer most questions right now.
However overall I strongly suggest you use the new .iqm format (developed by one of the main people behind Cube2) instead, as .md5 has serious issues with outdated exporters and importers and is generally very slow to load.

P.S.: Instead of trying to start a new project, why not contribute to another Cube2 based project (Red Eclipse, MekArcade, Octaforge etc.) first to sharpen your skilled and contribute to an already running project (especially given the limited time you talk about)?
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Re: Looking For MD5 Tutorial

Postby charlie » 18 Apr 2013, 11:07

Why 3DS over Blender?

EDIT: guess I misread. My bad. (Or perhaps the OP edited? Grasping at straws there...)
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Re: Looking For MD5 Tutorial

Postby Julius » 18 Apr 2013, 21:28

@charlie, where does it say 3DS(max)?

Tutorial here btw.
Tip: Importer really only works with version 2.61 and exporter only really with 2.63 (and you need to add an animation and a blender material even if both are not used, otherwise the exporter doesn't work). And once you save something with 2.63 you can't go back to 2.61 (to import further animations for example) as between those two versions the bmesh feature was added, which breaks backward-compatibility.
But as I said, don't bother with MD5 when there is .iqm: http://lee.fov120.com/iqm/
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