OpenFontLibrary: All the fonts

OpenFontLibrary: All the fonts

Postby qubodup » 12 Feb 2010, 11:49

Hey you guys,

View the fonts from OpenFontLibrary at ATTENTION: 13MB PAGE, LOTS OF IMAGES. If you want to give my hosting provider a break, download the previews and html page (including the fonts by the way) from (17MB)

History: After some painful and educative hours of bashing my keyboard writing bash scripts, with massive help of #bash, I was able to
1. download all the fonts from openfontlibrary
2. create previews of most of them (some fonts caused errors, which I haven't understood yet)

I hope this preview helps you :)

I am unfortunately sure that there are illegal fonts there :think: (freeware fonts, submitted under PD/OFL, even GPL fonts would be out of place there, since OFL does not support GPL as a license.) if you spot anything, please report.

PS: this link.
The scripts used for creating that page
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