Io work around

Io work around

Postby wirser » 07 Jun 2016, 17:06

IO cmake replacement
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Well I have a workable (at least for me on ubuntu 16.04 32bit) compromise for compiling IO for Tnl
It is not as well developed as I would like it but it is capable of compiling/installing/uninstalling the IO libs/includes needed to compile Tnl.
I want to get a pkg-config .pc file and compilie libiovmall with the other io libs included (staticily linked into) but for now this is what I have.

Tentative instructions to build/install IO libraries/includes to use in compiling TnL and at some point running on Ubuntu (and hopefully other linuxes).

First of all to breifly explain why this is nessesary, Io currently does not install what the Tnl projects needs. It otherwise needs a lot of extra work to compile/link. What I tried to do is to "fix" the issues and simplify the Tnl compiling process. While I did attempt to get IO developers help, so far this has not happened.

Back to the task at hand first you need IO source - the prebuilt packages I found have the same problems. The source is available at
You can either get a zip file or use git to clone it. I got it 04/26/2016 and it work with my files

I tried the latest tagged version 2015.11.11 but ran into compile problems .

by using the subversion command as follows you can get only what we want, make a directory and run this command in it- tested it on 6-4-2016 with version 2462 evry thing worked

svn co

second I made a seperate folder and copied the contents of /lib folder into it. this is the all of the IO source you need.

now all of the CMakeLists.txt files need to be removed (maybe later I'll make a patch)

also I removed
Now you are ready to extract the CMakeLists.txt files I packaged TnL_IO_cmake.tar.gz

In the top directory (libs) run the following:

mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make
If you succeed your can run
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

This will install everything in /usr/local/lib /usr/local/include to change this add "-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX={ your chioce of location}.

Ok I may have broken evreything in IO with my cmake modificaqtions as well. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Before I forget I included a "make uninstall" target to remove all that gets installed ( use sudo if you used it to install)
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