Bug reports and Feature requests - Posting guidelines

Bug reports and Feature requests - Posting guidelines

Postby svenskmand » 24 Mar 2011, 23:43

Bug reports
If you post a bug report, then prefix the topic with [Bug], e.g. if the game gives a crash when you load a specific level, the title could be "[Bug] crash on loading level 42". Be sure to include which version of OD your running, along with which platform your running it on, if you have any logs from the game that contain relevant information then attach them also. Also if your sure this is a bug, then make a tracTicket and include a link to the ticket here, call the link "Ticket#42" if the actual ticket for the bug is number 42.

The point with threads in this sub-forum is then to discuss solutions to the bugs, and then change the tracTicket accordingly when a solution have been agreed upon.

See this example of how a bug report should look.

Feature requests
If you have a feature request then prefix the title of the post with [Feature request], and when/if the community decides that the feature should be implemented then update your first post add a link to the corresponding track ticket in the tracTicket system.

The with threads in this sub-forum is the used to discuss and refine your idea, and finally decide if it should be implemented or not.
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