Simple Helicopter (Blendswap) [too low poly]

Simple Helicopter (Blendswap) [too low poly]

Postby qubodup » 21 Feb 2011, 03:39

I don't know if air units are a planned feature but I just saw Simple Helicopter and thought it might be fitting.
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Re: Simple Helicopter (Blendswap)

Postby hc » 21 Feb 2011, 10:04

Just yesterday I added dropships and chunky spacecarriers to the FAQ - but can't tell when there will be any (moving/flying) air units. But air units may be immobile on the ground or hovering immobile over ground.

As for this one: It is a bit too chunky (here as in lowpoly), just as the blenderswap description says it is a “Low-Poly in an Hour”-competition result. I doubt it would look good without a texture or with a simple texture. I would remove the blades change some proportions and sell it as a trooper dropship.
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