Point & Click game with retrospection in mind

Point & Click game with retrospection in mind

Postby Lachu » 09 May 2018, 17:16

I have an idea to create P&C game, where player are detective, use notes (player will use notes) and can do retrospection.
If we would solve puzzle, so example while talking, we must use retrospection. There would been time limit, so savegames shouldn't be too big.

1) We look at the painting. Player click retrospection button, select month, day and time, time go back and player click on the same painting in the past - puzzle solves.
2) Somebody lie, so player use retrospection button. Again select month, day and time. Now click on play button and pause, where comic dialog with another opinion of the same person appear.

I'm searching for graphics, scenarist and developers.
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