Multiplayer sandbox with Endless Sky assets

Multiplayer sandbox with Endless Sky assets

Postby palrogg » 14 Dec 2017, 11:03


Using a nice and simple multiplayer game as a starting point, and Endless Sky images and sounds, I made a small WebGL multiplayer prototype. Unfortunately I don’t find time to work on it since this summer.

Feel free to use it as a sandbox or make anything from the code! It’s GPL. It helped me a lot to understand how multiplayer works.

Here’s the repo:

A live version on a very cheap server (sorry, no SSL yet): [Disclaimer: there's a Piwik script in the page – GPL-licensed solution for statistics. I don't even know if it still works, but if you have privacy concerns I can remove it]

And a screenshot:

If you’re not familiar with Nodejs (basically JavaScript for the back end), tell me and I’ll make the code cleaner and add more comments.

As you see on the screenshot, the collision detection is very basic. I was working on a code for concave polygons which I’d like to push to the repo, but it really needs some cleaning.


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