Game ideas for experimental artificial intelligence

Game ideas for experimental artificial intelligence

Postby DromoDesigner » 27 Mar 2016, 12:59

I’ve developed an experimental artificial intelligence system for computer games, and now I’d like to develop a game to test and help market the AI. I’ve got two ideas for a game, and I’d really like to hear your opinions about which one you think is better. The ideas are:

1/ A real-time strategy game set in and around an encircled city. The aim of the game is to either defend the city from the army outside, or play as the army outside and conquer the city. Each soldier is modelled individually, and the defenders can make all sorts of traps and devices to place in the streets between buildings (as well as having a limited number of troops). There will be a part of the game where players can make their own traps and devices by combining base components, which can then be placed at locations where they think the enemy will attack. The setting will either be present day, or perhaps just after the Second World War and using that level of technology.

2/ A world War Two real-time strategy game, set on an island fought over by the Soviets and Germans. The goal of the game is to completely conquer the island. Each soldier is modelled individually, and the war takes place over the entire island. The player can either control the army as a whole, or can automate as much as they want, allowing the player to focus on only the stuff that interests them (like controlling just the tank divisions or Special Forces). So the war will continue and evolve even if the player just chooses to control a handful of units.

I really appreciate your feedback, and thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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Re: Game ideas for experimental artificial intelligence

Postby Julius » 30 Mar 2016, 16:04

Maybe you could first explain a bit more about your "AI"? What makes it different from regular RTS CPU controlled enemies?
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Re: Game ideas for experimental artificial intelligence

Postby c_xong » 31 Mar 2016, 00:06

It's hard to answer without knowing what kind of AI you've made. There are many different kinds of AI. One of the hot topics these days is using AI to generate stories and model character and faction relationships in RPGs.

I'm assuming you have an RTS AI then. But that's still too broad. Is it more of a strategic AI that directs an entire army, or a tactical AI that coordinates squads and individual units? Many RTS games use multi-level AI that handles these tasks separately. Also, what is the purpose of the AI? It seems that you want to make more of a "simulation" AI, one that can replace human players, but note that many (single player) game AIs are meant to be challenging and not realistic. That is, they'll never execute ambushes, feints, cheeses or build up giant armies to crush the player. The goal is to entertain the player and not make the game frustrating.
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