coop project: the feeling of project mercury

coop project: the feeling of project mercury

Postby oberhamsi2 » 03 May 2015, 19:59

I would want to write a quick one-button game for webgl (open source of course). the player sits in the mercury spacecraft capsule, and goes through one whole test run (up into orbit and back).

i would need help with picking 3d models and scenes. i'm a java/js coder myself.

visuals to get you all hyped up. imagine this with oldschool 1950s tech:

* QTE only. player has to press the button at the right time to start the next stage (that's all the player has to do.. it's mostly about the visuals) ... or blow up gloriously if he fails to do that.
* after two intense rocket stages, the player quietly drifts through space (the only point in the game were player can use the pothols to peek at earth a bit)
* the final stages are to get back into the atmosphere and deploy the parachute
* at which point the player lands in water and the game ends

we could talk (email, irc) about the details, but i think this is an interesting enough QTE (quick time event) scene to think about. and it could be done with 20-40h coding and.. i don't know how much 3d picking and fixing work :)

fun fact: the military test pilots at the time weren't so eager to be astronauts... they felt the "pilot" would really just be a lab monkey in a capsula on top of a rocket without much control related to "flight" which was bound to end with a splash down in water. "spam in a can".
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Re: coop project: the feeling of project mercury

Postby Vandar » 06 May 2015, 14:31

Maybe to spawn more interest, you might want to make it a visual novel instead of a "click the button at the right moment" game. Particularly if it's all about the visuals already.
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