Beginner Game Design

Beginner Game Design

Postby Polarwindz » 26 Sep 2014, 02:32

Hello, i have started making a game called Undead Forest, it will be free to play single player game.
I need ideas of what to put in it like, should i make it post apocalyptic or the modern world?
and i might need help with the more advanced gui options.

It is going to be used in a web player, on a website I made. The website is :

Leave your comments of what you think of the game .

I mostly know how to put down prefabs and stuff, i don't have coding experience so.

I would like if you guys can either help me with new ideas of the game or someone could help co create the game

I am using Unity 3D as the application.

I have based the level biome on Ultimate Fps Clean Scene.
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Re: Beginner Game Design

Postby Julius » 26 Sep 2014, 17:05

Sorry, but if you are using Unity3d, than this isn't the right forum to discuss it (as your game isn't open-source then).
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Re: Beginner Game Design

Postby andrea_har » 16 Feb 2016, 22:27

which tools to you use for game design?

.AI or .PS ?

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Re: Beginner Game Design

Postby Akien » 18 Feb 2016, 11:53

andrea_har {l Wrote}:which tools to you use for game design?

.AI or .PS ?

Why bump an old topic to ask (whom?) which closed source tool they are using on a forum dedicated to the development of free/open source/libre games? It's OK to make libre games using Adobe products, but it's still kind of frowned upon when you have great open source equivalents like The GIMP, Krita or Inkscape.
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